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Chiropractic Adjustment – force applied to the bones in any joint of the body, most notably the spine to reduce and remove subluxation. Spinal adjustments decrease nerve interference in the body and allow maximum human potential to be expressed more freely. Adjustments can be in the traditional style by hand, or,low force, gentle methods with instruments such as the arthrostim or activator.

Percussor Therapy – a handheld instrument that vibrates and percusses to send waves of energy through your tissues to relieve chronic stress or tension in the muscles and joints.

Laser Therapy – low level laser therapy is a safe and non-invasive therapy that stimulates cellular activity. It promotes faster healing in muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and nerves.

Nutritional Supplements - You are evaluated to see whether you need to use high quality natural supplements and/or magnets. Supplements can be valuable in the elimination of toxins from the body, re-establishing normal hormone function, strengthening weakened organs and glands, correcting gas, bloating or other digestive abnormalities, or even just for helping to relieve pain.

Detoxification Protocols – dietary detoxification with supplements to promote health and/or to stimulate metabolism for weight loss. Also detoxifications for parasites, heavy metals, yeasts and other toxins are offered.

Blood tests, Saliva tests, Hair Analysis tests - Very often I work without these tests, but in tough cases, or when the patient needs their curiosity satisfied they can be ordered. Hair analysis is the gold standard test for heavy metals in the system. Saliva testing is the gold standard for hormone imbalance.

Chakra Clearings – These are used to release stresses that are trapped in the body long enough to affect the recovery from physical distress.

Dietary Planning – We are not all made in a way that allows all of us to eat the same thing. I will examine you from the viewpoint of blood type, gland type, and metabolic type to help us understand what foods are right for you. We can also muscle test for food sensitivities so that you can know what foods to absolutely avoid.

Brain Balancing Therapy – Flashing eyelights can be used in conjunction with cold laser to stimulate balanced functioning of the brain, which has a right and a left side.

We also want to serve your family.  Please make an appointment for all of the members of your family to come in for a free subluxation station scan.  That way we can see whether they are in need of care.  Discounted family plans are available to help you afford wellness care.

To find out if chiropractic is right for you call for an appointment today. 509-327-4373

I offer chiropractic care that addresses not only your symptoms, but also the underlying causes to your symptoms.  You will be evaluated for traditional chiropractic structural interferences to health.  Then you will be evaluated for the underlying causes, which may include:  Electromagnetic pollution, allergies and sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies (or excesses) affecting the organs and glands, toxicities, and emotional stresses trapped in the body.  After the evaluation you will be offered solutions for the examination finding.  It is up to each patient to then decide which of the interferences to health they wish to address.  My job is to listen, and then give the patient a clear plan that addresses the interferences they wish to eliminate.  Treatment consists of chiropractic treatments to eliminate nerve interference, but also ancillary procedures like nutrition, myofascial techniques, detoxifications and more to eliminate the factors that can prevent chiropractic success.

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