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Patients in our office are treated for chiropractic subluxations of the skeletal system. Chiropractic subluxations are a complex of factors that affect your health. These may include misalignment of your bones, interference to your nerves, improper motion in your joints, adverse changes in the cells of your body, and changes to the organs and glands in your body. All of these factors are related to inflammation.

These factors are caused by or influenced by damage to tissues surrounding, and at, the areas of injury. When tissues tear and inflammation invades your body scar tissue is formed. Scar tissue is the body’s natural healing response. Scar tissue is less flexible, weaker and higher proportionately in pain fibers than healthy, uninjured tissues. Scar tissue can be minimized through the utilization of chiropractic intervention.

Cold laser therapy utilizes a 632-635 nm wavelength of light that penetrates 2-3mm into the body, but also creates effects at much deeper levels via conduction. The 632-635nm is the wavelength at which DNA replicates. The laser stimulates DNA and cell membranes, to induce mitochondria within the cell to produce more ATP. ATP is necessary for all healing body functions. Cell activity is normalized and metabolism is increased by enzyme cascades that stimulate several biological processes. The end result is decreased pain and inflammation along with increased range of motion.

Normalized cells fight inflammation. Increased metabolism allows better nervous system and immune system function. The function of these systems is to maintain, develop and heal the body; the same functions that the chiropractic adjustment has. Cold laser therapy complements chiropractic treatment and increases the chance of quicker recovery, and of avoiding or minimizing recurring symptoms once maximum medical improvement is achieved.

Cold laser therapy is totally safe anywhere on the body other than directly into the eyes. It is also completely safe for people of all ages. Additionally, one of the lasers we use, Erchonia, is the first to gain FDA approval. Laser therapy has been sanctioned for use in Washington State by the chiropractic board. Over a 30 year period there are more than 2000 published articles world-wide about cold lasers, and not one reports any negative side effects. Our lasers are rated 3A, “non-significant risk factor”, by the FDA.

View a video of cold laser therapy in action:


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