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Dr. Pat ChiropractorMy name is Pat Dougherty. I have been a chiropractor since 1994 and practiced in Spokane since 2005. Over 800 hundred hours of continuing education have shaped me since graduation. I get great joy from the people that entrust me to help them explore their wellness concerns, and from the realization that they are my teachers. The way I practice is ever-expanding because I never stop learning. Every year i am a better chiropractor than I was the year before.

The heart and soul of chiropractic is the chiropractic adjustment. However in this pathologically stressful world people often need more than adjustments. For that reason i have spent the necessary time to study nutrtion and other lifestyle factors that can deal with underlying factors that often cause people not respond as well to adjustments as we would like.

The result of these experiences is a practice that offers care for:

  • those who just want to get out of pain
  • childhood health problems
  • pregnancy care for women
  • sports injury care for pain relief and performance enhancement
  • those who want a healthier, happier lifestyle that looks beyond just the symptoms

I will be honored when you give me the opportunity to put over 20 years of experience as a chiropractor to work for you. My current practice utilizes much more than the traditional chiropractic adjustment.  My approach is to understand a person’s goals, then use whatever tools are necessary to help them turn on the healing light of comprehension.  Then they are free to eliminate the combination of physical, chemical and emotional stresses that prevent them from having the healthiest life possible.

My mission is to educate. I want to live to see the world change from a sick care society to a wellness society. Society’s view of health, illness and wellness must change for us to become a wellness society. I want to be the one to guide a patient into a healthier, happier lifestyle that addresses the underlying factors that caused them to seek a natural health care provider, a chiropractor, in the first place. Then a whole new world can open; a world of increased clarity, happiness, and energy; better digestion, sleep and much more. The possibilities are incredible and open-ended.

The key is to realize that wellness, and chiropractic, are about much more than pain, or other symptoms, going away. To help you with that, my website has an extensive library of health related articles I have written. I have been writing for decades, and those writings are now coming together in the form of books. I have released Quantum Energy: The Synthesis of Chiropractic and Reiki and Do You Wanna Get Better? The Future of Health CareThe Conflict of Living will follow soon.

Each of these books is an effort to educate the importance of living a healthier lifestyle. Chiropractic is part of that lifestyle. To find out if chiropractic is right for you call for an appointment today.

Dr. Pat Dougherty, 509-327-4373.

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