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Five Foods That Cause Damage That Leads to Stroke

Recent statistical analyses name stroke as the third leading cause of death in the U.S. There were almost 800,000 strokes in the U.S. in 2013, causing 140, 000 deaths. Foods are a major factor in the incidence of stroke, probably the most important factor. I believe the five worst damage causing foods that may lead to stroke are:

Cookies, crackers, chips, other mass produced junk foods – Theses foods are loaded with trans fats/ hydrogenated oils that solidify at room temperature and do not require refrigeration. They may be labelled partially hydrogenated and are found in margarine, junk foods, frozen foods, salad dressings, frozen potatoes, and more. Fried fast foods have the greatest concentration of trans fats. Trans fats block arteries, promote inflammation, and lower good cholesterol. Avoid fast-foods and read food labels before buying packaged foods. Learn to bake your own healthy snacks.

Smoked and processed meats – Sausages, bacon, and smoked meats may be delicious, but they increase stroke risk because they contain huge amounts of preservatives. These have been shown to damage blood vessels. Damaged blood vessels can cause strokes.

Diet soda – Soda pop is maybe the worst food man has created. Diet soda is worse, and may increase stroke risk by 40-60 percent according to recent studies. The mechanism for this is not well understood, but the statistics are alarming. By far, the best thing a person can do is to substitute water for sodas.

Commercial red meat – The research is in, red meat and it’s high proportion of saturated fats appears increase the risk of stroke. We have known for a long time that saturated fat gradually clogs arteries. There are several solutions to the red meat risk. Poultry and fish are healthy alternatives. There are other healthy protein choices like nuts, seeds, avocados, butter, eggs, and the healthy oil family – coconut, olive and avocado. For those who must have red meat the answer is to buy free range grass fed beef. The fat balance of these cows shifts to a healthy long chain omega 3 proportion, which is actually good for the heart and arteries.

Beware processed foods in cans and boxes - Most of these are loaded with excess sodium to enhance the flavor. Salt is good for a body – in moderation! Research shows salt, or sodium as it is called on food labels, increases blood pressure which is known to be the primary factor in causing stroke. Salt is not always labeled as sodium either. Here are some others labeling disguises for salt: MSG, disodium phosphate, sodium alginate, baking soda, and baking powder.

In our office I offer a full spectrum clinical kinesiology assessment of body systems, allergy sensitivities, toxins and more on the initial exam. I will help you form an eating plan that will allow you to become much healthier. Call today for an appointment. 509-327-4373

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