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Splenda vs. Your Health

Splenda, also known as sucralose, is the unhappy accident step-child of a failed chemistry experiment. College laboratory scientists in London were attempting to create a new insecticide using sugar and a poison. The poison was sulfuryl chloride, which ended up being three chlorine molecules in the Splenda that is so popular today.

Chlorides are found in nature, including in food and salt. Chlorine is a toxic gas used to kill harmful organisms in swimming pools. When you eat or drink Splenda, you are directly supplying the cells in your body with a highly volatile and toxic halogen gas. Chlorine is so deadly it was used in WWI as the first chemical warfare weapon.

Organaclorine is a chemistry classification of organic compounds that have one or more covalently bonded chlorine atoms. This happy family includes several of man’s most toxic failed experiments including banned, or phased out, chemicals like PCB’s, DDT, chloroform, and other pesticides.

We know that organochlorines accumulate in mammals with the possibility of building to toxic levels. One of the places they can accumulate is in human breast milk. Breast feeding mothers can pass them on to their feeding infants. Still, Splenda has been certified safe for human consumption by the FDA. A disciplined process of thought, however, produces a different conclusion. First, Splenda is made from sugar, a highly inflammatory substance that I hesitate to even label a food. Second, it is a chemical cousin to many poisonous substances.

In the latter capacity it acts a lot like an antibiotic. Most of us now know that a course of antibiotics kills the unwanted bacteria in the gut, but also kills off the beneficial bacteria in our intestines. A recent study at Duke University supports the contention that Splenda kills beneficial gut flora. The dosage used in the study was far less than what many people put in their coffee each day and far less than the FDA has dictated to be acceptably safe.

When the beneficial bacteria in our intestines become imbalanced toward harmful bacteria it can cause many health problems. Symptoms associated with this are constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, yeast overgrowth, poor digestion and absorption; all of which taken together are likely a sign of leaky gut syndrome.

Leaky gut, in turn, has been found to be a cardinal sign of an explosion of root of autoimmune related conditions like lupus, Sjogren’s, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, celiac disease, MS, and many more. Many of these conditions respond well to diets eliminate pro-inflammatory foods in order to allow the gut to heal.

When foods like artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame, sugar, commercial dairy, grains (especially gluten), and nightshades are eliminated from the diet many people find their autoimmune conditions improve, or even disappear. An even better strategy is to not only eliminate pro-inflammatory foods from the diet, but to also get tested for allergy or sensitivity specific foods. This can be done with muscle testing, or blood work. Supplementing with a professional grade probiotic and other needed gut repair supplements can speed the return to gut health.

In my office we do this with muscle testing as part of a comprehensive plan to put you on the right track to eating your way to health. I have seen numerous cases where the combination of chiropractic adjusting and diet modification enabled people to escape aches, pains, and other symptoms that had troubled them for years, and sometimes even decades.

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