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My name is Pat Dougherty. I started practice in 1994, and have been in Spokane since December of 2004. I have over 800 hundred hours of continuing education since graduation. One of the things I like best about the art of chiropractic is that I am constantly learning and evolving as a practitioner. Every patient is my teacher and this ever-expanding journey keeps me fresh and consistently sharpens my skills.

The objective of my chiropractic work is to optimize the function of the spine and its relationship to the nervous system. At the heart of this objective is the chiropractic adjustment. It restores function to the body via the nervous system. It would be great if that was enough to turn everybody into a perfectly healthy human being. For some the adjustment is just the outside intervention they need. However, there are often chemical and emotional factors that complicate the pursuit of optimal wellness.

Many practice members receive only adjustments from me. Many more allow me to explore their pathway to wellness with nutrtion and other lifestyle change interventions. It is incredibly satisfying to see people stop taking medications and rid themselves of diagnostic labels that the allopathic world has given them. That is why the work I do is ever-expanding. I urge you to come find out for yourself how much more potential you are ready to express.

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